Consultancy & Services

Smoke Control & Ventilation

Our Smoke control & ventilation services help you to determine the best options and inform the stages of designing and installing systems with the purpose to extract smoke from a building in the event of a fire, making access easier for firefighters, protecting people and property.
Our solutions are designed and specified to ensure your system is safe, compliant and certified equipment is used. As we are not beholding to any particular manufacturer, we have the freedom to specify the most suitable solutions and equipment for any project.

Fire Engineering

We provide consultancy services for Fire Engineering, helping you develop and implement solutions utiliisng the application of science and engineering principles to protect people, property, and their environments from the harmful and destructive effects of fire and smoke.

Project Management

All of our installation teams have many years of experience as specialist smoke ventilation installers. With our industry specific project management skills, we are organised to deliver on time and budget. Our expert coordination of our back office and site activities, combined with our proactive approach in driving projects to a conclusion quickly, resolving any anomalies along the way reduces time on site and relieves our clients the time and resource to manage the host of stakeholders associated in the projects.


Design Services

Our professionally qualified and expert design team has experience in designing all types of smoke ventilation system from code compliant natural and mechanical systems to pressurisation and hybrid mechanical systems for fine engineered solutions. We are active members of the Smoke Control Association (SCA) and involved in writing guidance documents and training. Our specialist staff are active on BSI standards committees developing new and existing standards for smoke ventilation and represent the UK as industry experts on EN1201 working groups in Europe. As well positively contribute to standards and guidance documents we understand them and how to practically apply them. Our area of work includes shopping centres, offices, hotels, residential, car parks, theme parks, prison, and sports centres.


CFD Modeling

Utilising Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling (CFD Modelling) allows us to replicate your particular environment and map the spread of fire and smoke to provide simulations of how our fire and smoke designs would work in practice. Evacuation Modelling ensures that we can provide necessary analysis to help ensure a fit for purpose design and installation that will not be over-specified.

We prepare CFD Reports and analysis, detail designs, and technical submittals and liaise with the authority having jurisdiction including building control bodies and the fire services.


Commissioning Services & System Testing

Commissioning, testing, and handover of our smoke ventilation systems is a crucial element in creating a safe building. Merely setting a system to work is not sufficient. The system as installed must be reviewed against the design requirements and appropriate measurements taken to record performance and demonstrate that the system meets the design objectives. Our specialist commissioning and testing services include hot and cold smoke tests.