NOW CERTIFIED AS AN – SCA IFC SDI 19 Certified Company.

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SDI19 Certified

Fire And Smoke Solutions (FASS) prove their credentials as leaders in their sector demonstrating their expertise built on 30 years of experience working with market-leading companies and as experts in the design, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of all types of smoke ventilation systems.

Ian Doncaster, Technical Director of Fire And Smoke Solutions said: “As long-term and active members of the Smoke Control Association, FASS contribute to the development of industry guidance and are pleased to be awarded the IFC SDI 19 certification.

He added “It’s great to see the independent review by the IFC of those who provide services related to our industry. Our particular assessment was the first, in one of the most specialist construction environments, which demonstrates that the accreditation can cover all sectors of to our industry.”
He continued “Other companies now have the opportunity to prove they take their role and related responsibility seriously, and we look forward to seeing more companies raising their standards to meet the best practice expected for life safety solutions as an accredited provider.”

As stated on the FETA website in the specialist SCA section - The term “installation” is deemed to include the fire strategy verification, system design, installation and commissioning of smoke control systems. The scheme document also covers the Contractor’s ability to offer and provide an appropriate level of service and maintenance after installation and commissioning, commensurate with the type, size and use of the building. For details
As Technical Director of FASS, Ian Doncaster was asked to represent the (SCA) Smoke Control Association at the recent CIBSE Round Table, titled, “Smoke control: are the current regulations fit for purpose?” a forum of industry experts brought together to discuss key issues coming out of the enquiry into Grenfell tower chaired by Dame Judith Hackett.

He is also the IMechE representative on the BSI FSH25 fire standards committee, working on British Standards and represent BSI on the CEN standards committee for EN12101 parts 6 and 13.
Ian agrees that the simplest designs are often best, but added that “complex buildings sometimes need complex systems. With these, we have to take on board the additional responsibilities to make them safe and maintainable,” he said. The golden thread of this strategy must be preserved throughout concept, design, commissioning, maintenance and testing, and overseen by a competent engineer, with input from the fire specialist.

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David Mowatt, SCA Chairman, commented that: “Contractors should be responsible for the systems they install and end users should always look to use a capable, experienced contractor. Certified contractors will have demonstrated that their trained staff consistently adhere to industry best practice and fully appreciate the importance of correct installation, inspection and maintenance.”
“this scheme underlines the importance that the industry assigns to raising competency standards and improving the quality of companies involved in installation activities,” said IFC Director of Certification, Ian Woodhouse.


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