Highbury Crescent

Client: Highbury Crescent

Project: Design, support and commissioning services to Smoke Control Systems.

Value: £56,000

Duration: 5 Weeks

Details: An existing office building was converted to living accommodation with two blocks and each block required smoke ventilation to help escapees should there be a fire in apartment.
Two independent shaft systems were required: one natural and one powered.
Smoke Control Systems (SCS) were able to provide both systems with operation of each automatic from smoke detectors in the corridors.
The fan set for the powered system contains duty and stand-by fan units with automatic change-over if required and the fan control panel receives duty and stand-by power supplies with automatic changeover if required.
By staggered commissioning and handover of floors SCS were able to help with the phased occupation of the apartments.
A feature of the project was the very restricted spaces and there was a challenge concerning a lobby on the top floor of the block incorporating the natural system.
SCS made a suggestion which was subsequently approved and incorporated so that the top floor is a more user-friendly space.

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