Cathedral House

Client: Intelle Construction / Cathedral House, Cardiff

Project: Design, support and commissioning services to Smoke Control Systems.

Value: £38,000

Duration: 52 weeks

Details:An existing office building was converted to living accommodation with smoke ventilation required to help escapees should there be a fire in apartment.
The restricted floor area meant that a powered smoke shaft system was required to minimize floor space requirements for ventilation.
Working on a Design and Build basis including all necessary approvals Smoke Control Systems (SCS) were able to provide the system with operation automatic from smoke detectors in the lobbies.
The fan set contains duty and stand-by fan units with automatic change-over if required and the fan control panel receives duty and stand-by power supplies with automatic changeover if required.
It was not possible to install the fan set required on the roof of the building.
SCS made a suggestion which was subsequently approved and incorporated so that the fan set could be incorporated into the structure and the roof was not required.

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